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Working Out in Groups Beneficial in Weight Loss


A recent study at the University of Denmark suggests that the larger a weight loss group is, particularly in the context of a quick diet program such as the hCG diet, the higher the chance of losing more weight. Dr. Arne Astrup, along with his team, studied 22 weight loss centers in 5 countries (a total of 600 participants) before compiling and publishing their data.

While some researchers believe this may be due to larger groups being formed at more established (i.e. more experienced) weight loss clinics, many also feel that the group mentality concept is at work. Those trying to lose weight will often band together and create support systems for one another, helping with exercise and nutrition, etc.

Regarding the use of medical weight loss in diet programs, such as the hCG diet, it is felt that this larger group approach is ideal for those preferring all natural methods to lose belly fat. Dr. Ronald Willis of hCG Diet Direct says, “Group dieting can really work, especially for hCG weight loss diets… Some say it’s obvious that dieting with a partner or a few partners is obvious just because you have someone to compete with. Others say it’s beneficial because someone is supporting you on a personal level. Whatever the reason, it works for many hCG dieters.”

This is only one of the reasons to come see our medical weight loss experts in Boca Raton. Our fitness classes, as part of an overall weight loss program, are designed to help achieve weight loss goals. Why not see how they can help you reach yours?

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