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Over 11,000 Pounds Lost Since January 2010


Boca Health, LLC with offices in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach would like to share some exciting news. Since the first day of January to September 30, 2010, Boca Health patients have lost over 11,000 pounds! Each pound lost signifies a great success, so we are very proud to share such impressive results.

We have seen significant average weight losses across all weight spectrums, with each patient having lost an average of 30 pounds. Persons weighing over 350 pounds have lost an average of 50 pounds or more. Our patients weighing 175-225 lbs have an average weight loss of 25 pounds, and the average weight loss for people weighing 150 or less is 13 pounds.

These results are achieved by customizing medically supervised weight loss programs that are designed to meet each individual’s needs incorporating patients medical history and evaluating their current laboratory results. Various combinations of weight loss programs include the HCG diet, protein meal replacements programs, high protein, low calorie and carbohydrate diets, all done under medical supervision. Boca Health’s weight loss doctors choose diets that will work for individual needs. Call today and be part of the success!

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