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Glutamine Makes Muscles Stronger and Healthier


In research concerning weight loss and muscle growth, glutamine is often ignored or overlooked. Because the body produces it, glutamine is not considered an essential amino acid. In fact, nearly two thirds of the free-form amino acids in muscles are glutamine molecules. However, regardless of how seemingly abundant glutamine may be, it is still considered crucial to body health.

There is a reason for the body’s high amount of glutamine in comparison to other amino acids: glutamine is a major factor in protein synthesis. It provides cellular energy for the creation of proteins while encouraging production of human growth hormone (HGH). It is nearly impossible to synthesize proteins without glutamine. Recent studies show that glutamine also contributes to weight loss by metabolizing fat cells for energy during exercise.

Though the body produces a large amount of glutamine, it may not produce enough to ensure good body health. For this reason, the amino acid has come to be considered “conditionally essential.” A variety of food and beverages contain glutamine, including chicken, fish, tofu, spinach, cabbage, and vegetable juice. It can also be purchased as a shake, and is one of the essential amino acids included in the Boca Health Protein Shake.

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