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Exercise for Aging Adults that Help Prevent Muscle Loss


Exercise is a sure way to help aging adults and elders halt their muscle loss and also maintain their muscle mass. Exercise does not have to be a complicated and strenuous activity; a brisk daily walk can change the outcome for getting sarcopenia, which is the equivalent to osteoporosis for the muscles. Walking briskly everyday can increase the muscle mass of your whole body; a brisk walk is one that covers 1.5 miles in 30 minutes or less.

Exercise is safe for most adults over 65 years, even patients with ailments such as high blood pressure and heart disease can engage in daily exercise and gain much benefit from it. Working out is essential for the maintenance of muscle tissue and should be taken seriously.

Consult a Boca Health, LLC weight loss doctor if you have any questions or concerns about exercise programs. Read our article on proper eating past 60 to learn more about reducing your muscle loss as you age.

Combined with a healthy diet, fitness significantly reduces muscle loss.

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