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Arginine Strengthens the Immune System and Increases Athletic Performance


When discussing the subject of weight loss and muscle growth, the word “essential” comes up very frequently. Indeed, there are ten essential amino acids, but the word “essential” in this context often means that they are not produced by the body. There are a number of other proteins that are produced by the body which can still be considered “semi-essential,” as they are required in order to maintain good health.

One of these semi-essential amino acids is known as arginine. Arginine functions mainly as a cleanser for active muscles. It helps rid the body of ammonia, a waste product created during protein synthesis. It also regulates blood sugar and contributes to the production of T-cells, thereby boosting the immune system.

More importantly, arginine is necessary in protein production and overall muscle growth. It does this by processing muscle-building amino acids like creatine. Studies have consistently shown that arginine plays a strong role in reducing body fat and speeding up weight loss. More so, arginine is known to increase athletic performance.

Arginine, when properly included in a diet, can have positive effects on body health. The body produces a near-adequate amount of it, though more can be added to a diet to increase muscle growth and promote weight loss. Research suggests that 3 grams of arginine per day can produce such effects. Arginine can be purchased as a shake, and is one of the essential amino amino acids included in the Boca Health Protein Shake.

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