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The Boca Health Protein Shake and the Power of Medical Food


For more than a decade “fad” dieting has been on a steady rise, especially in South Florida. New diets claim to bring exceptional results from minimal effort. Whether it’s eating nothing but cookies or avoiding carbohydrates at all costs, these diets simply don’t provide the results they claim. A number of popular diets offer branded nutritional products, making it easier for dieters to stay on track. However, the majority of these branded products are no different from typical store-bought groceries. The Boca Health Diet takes a different approach to losing weight. The Boca Health Protein Shake meets all criteria required to be considered medical food by the FDA.

What is medical food? The FDA considers medical food to be any food formulated to be consumed under the supervision of a physician and intended for specific dietary management. Medical foods are intended to meet the specific nutritional requirements of a disease or condition. Medical foods are formulated and processed by doctors for patients receiving ongoing medical supervision.

At Boca Health, doctors perform an analysis of each patient, and then a diet plan is made specifically for that patient. Patients meet with their doctor on a regular basis, receiving ongoing medical supervision. This doctor-patient relationship is part of what makes The Boca Health Protein Shake a medical food. With the combination of Boca Health’s nutritional products and ongoing medical supervision, weight loss is more than possible. For more information on Boca Health’s products and services, visit one of four locations in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lauderdale Lakes and Miami.

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