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MyNetDiary App Keeps Weight Loss Diets in Check


Keeping track of daily calorie intake is one of the most important parts of a smart diet. The caloric content of every meal must be counted, as well as every gram of protein, carb and fat. This can be quite cumbersome in the beginning stages of weight loss. Fortunately, maintaining a food diary can be done easily and inexpensively with MyNetDiary , an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

To maintain a consistent weight, it is recommended that women consume about 1500 calories a day; men should take in around 2000. Losing weight requires significantly lowering those numbers to around 1200 calories per day. 40% of daily caloric intake should be from protein, leaving 30% for carbs and 30% for fats. MyNetDiary keeps an ongoing record of the user's daily diet, instantly calculating the amount of calories in every meal. The app can even be set to send a notification when limits have been reached. MyNetDiary's massive food database includes over 88,000 items, making it possible to record the contents of every meal. With MyNetDiary, keeping track of a diet has never been easier.

Hunger may manifest after the calorie limit for the day has been reached. In these situations it is all right to eat over the limit. The physicians at Boca Health recommend eating something rich in protein, avoiding grains and dairy as they are unhealthy choices. MyNetDiary analyzes the user's meal-eating patterns, and can provide personalized suggestions to help stave off hunger. In addition, if you are on the go, the Boca Health Protein Shake is a great meal replacement providing a perfect daily balance of proteins, carbs and fats.

Boca Health highly recommends the use of MyNetDiary in conjunction with the Boca Health Diet. The app is available on all major platforms. For more information visit .

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