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Medical Factors and Benefits to Weight Loss


Typically when people think of weight loss, they think of two very general terms: diet and exercise. These two practices in combination are generally thought to be the key to losing weight and staying healthy. However, losing weight is not as simple as these two basic ideas. There are numerous factors involved in weight gain, both environmental and medical, and the same idea applies to weight loss.

The popular diets of today tend to ignore this reality. They simply choose one negative factor contributing to obesity, and decide that this particular factor is far more significant than the rest. Those who attempt these diets are usually required to limit their eating to a particular food or to exclude another. While some of these diets show quick results, they don’t often have a long-lasting effect. The weight eventually returns because so many other important factors are ignored.

The very same factors that lead to weight gain and obesity are ultimately connected to other serious health issues including heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and increased risk of stroke. When the physicians at Boca Health create weight loss plans for our patients, we don’t ignore these issues. Your doctor will review your medical history, evaluate your current health conditions, and create a program designed to reduce and correct the conditions related to weight gain and obesity.

Boca Health’s metabolism and weight loss physicians will work with you on a variety of low calorie-high protein programs which may include HCG (an appetite suppressant that targets stored fat). Your diet will consist of healthy physician-designed meal replacements, with Boca Health providing a variety of meal plans and recipes for rapid weight loss. This combination of smart dieting, consistent exercise, and supplementary medication will cover each factor affecting your health and weight.

With the medical guidance and support of the expert physicians at Boca Health, achieving significant long-term weight loss is easier and healthier than any weight loss program you have tried before.

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