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Introducing the Medically Supervised Boca Health Diet


Boca Health unveils the hottest new diet to hit South Florida, the Boca Health Diet. The Boca Health diet is a revolutionary new diet supervised by top medical weight loss physicians and customized to fit the individual weight loss needs of each patient. To be clear, although the Boca Health Diet uses HCG for appetite suppression and targeted fat burn, it is not the “internet HCG Diet” typically referred to as dangerous, and controversial

What makes the Boca Health Diet different?

For starters, the Boca Health Diet looks at the individual and customizes a weight loss plan based on the results obtained from broad testing. The doctors examine each patient thoroughly taking a complete blood analysis, body composition, and thyroid panel to create the most effective weight loss plan for each patient. Furthermore, Boca Health doctors seek to treat any medical ailments discovered as part of the wide-range of labs analyzed.

Following a careful examination of the lab results conducted, the physician formulates an effective diet plan that will result in desired weight loss. Boca Health doctors help patients safely lose a significant amount of weight by guiding patients through the entire process.

The medically supervised diet specifically works by creating a high protein- low calorie diet which suppresses hunger and preserves muscles. Individuals are advised not to engage in “inadequate diets”, such as the internet HCG Diet recently discussed on CNN.

The Boca Health Diet uses a small amount of HCG for the purpose of burning body fat in areas such as the belly and hips, and for appetite suppression. Our weight loss doctors help patients lose weight whether they opt to use HCG or prefer to diet without the hormone.

While on the Boca Health Diet there is no more feeling awful as part of the weight loss regimen; patients will not experience any negative effects or hunger pangs or feeling weak and tired.

Boca Health doctors wholeheartedly approve the use of HCG Hormone, but are absolutely and unconditionally against the “internet HCG diet”. The Boca Health Diet is not the HCG Diet referred to as “ineffective and potentially harmful” by Time Magazine.

There is no need to suffer any longer. Boca Health physicians are trained in the art and science of safe and effective weight loss. Boca Health offers a wide array of diet plan making it South Florida’s premier weight loss center.

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