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Fruit Juices Not the Best Choice


Part of what we do at Boca Health involves educating our patients on making good health decisions to keep the weight off. Every time you eat, you are making a health decision, and when trying to combat weight gain or obesity, it is important to make the best decisions possible. However, these choices often become quite difficult, even for the health-conscious. Nutrition information is usually misleading; many products claim to be health-smart or diet-friendly, emphasizing their good qualities without mentioning their unhealthy aspects.

Juice is a great example. Juice is commonly considered a hearty and delicious alternative to sugary carbonated beverages. The labels on these products say things like “100% juice” and “provides antioxidants.” But they fail to mention the high amounts of sugar, carbs and calories. Below is a comparison of a 12 oz can of Coke and a 12 oz glass of 100% grape juice:

12 oz Can of Coke 12 oz Glass of Grape Juice
Carbs 40 60
Sugar 10 15
Calories 145 240

The content of the grape juice is higher than that of the coke in every category, with almost 100 more calories.

This is just one example, but not an isolated incident. Fooducate, a popular health food blog, recently analyzed the ingredients of a bottle of V8 Fusion, a drink that claims to be equivalent to two servings of fruit. The investigators found that though the label boasts “no added sugar,” a single 8oz bottle still contains a massive 25 grams of sugar. Drinking one of these supposedly “healthy” fruit drinks is equivalent to drinking the coke and grape juice combined.

There is an alternative to drinking these misleading fruit beverages, one Boca Health strongly recommends. Instead of fruit juices, eat solid fruit. Regardless of what the packaging may claim, juices are not as healthy as the fruits they come from. Just one glass of orange juice requires squeezing up to eight oranges. When an orange is squeezed, the majority of the sugar is extracted along with the juice, while the nutrient-rich pulp is discarded. The high concentration of natural sugar in orange juice can cause heightened insulin levels, which often leads to increased hunger and an eventual crash. On the other hand, a single orange provides nutrients that orange juice lacks such as fiber and potassium.

Our goal at Boca Health is to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. Our programs include medically appropriate low calorie programs with appetite suppression, as well as targeted fat storage reduction, which may include HCG medication or other mild appetite suppressants. When you work with our physicians, we study your medical records plus daily eating habits in order to create a diet plan that suits you. Furthermore, at Boca Health we educate our patients on making healthy choices.

Complimentary consultations are available by appointment for more information as to which program may be best for you.

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