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Dr. Oz Confirms Use of HCG Requires a Weight Loss Doctor


The Dr. Oz Show recently aired an episode in which Dr. Oz explored one of the most controversial diets around, the HCG diet. With almost a pound of weight loss a day and no hunger pains, it may sound too good to be true. The controversy surrounding the HCG Diet led Dr. Oz to bring HCG expert Dr. Sherri Emma and HCG users to the show to discuss their experience using HCG and their weight loss success.

During the show Dr. Oz made it clear that it is easy to buy internet products claiming to contain HCG but most don’t actually contain any trace of the HCG hormone. It is recommended that individuals wishing to accomplish weight loss with the use of HCG visit a medical weight loss clinic. There are no shortcuts; the most effective weight loss solutions involve medical supervision by a weight loss doctor. The medically supervised Boca Health Diet is a prime example of how HCG can be used safely and effectively without the dangers of the “internet HCG Diet”.

Dr. Sherri Emma, who runs a weight loss clinic in New Jersey, joins Dr. Oz and explains “You are not just living off the reduced calories you are consuming, you are also using the additional fat in your body as consumed calories, and THAT is what is being burned.” Dr. Emma prescribes HCG to her patients regularly, and uses the hormone injection herself, which is the most effective source of HCG.

Unlike with a regular diet and exercise, the results of the Boca Health Diet are noticeable and immediate, with the average person losing up to a pound per day. Best of all results are long-term because the diet resets the hypothalamus and speeds up the metabolism. So even after the completion of the weight loss program, the fat lost will stay off.

It is important to note that medically HCG can’t be proven to suppress hunger but anyone who has been on the diet will personally vouch that they experienced no hunger pangs. Those who have been on the Boca Health Diet regard it as nothing short of a miracle diet, losing weight without any side effects. In fact, users on the show articulated that once on the diet they felt happier and much more energetic.

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