Boca Health


For many, no matter how much they diet and exercise, their weight never comes off.  There are many possible reasons including:


  • Insulin resistance
  • Low thyroid levels
  • Low testosterone
  • Low estrogen
  • Low vitamin D
  • Low IGF1


Although the media frames obesity as a lifestyle problem, the truth for many people is that an underlying medical issue is resulting in their inability to lose weight.
Any of the medical issues above could be interfering with weight loss and Boca Health will analyze and address each one.
It may be time to consider treating your weight medically. While non-medical programs mean well, they simply don’t have the ability to cure your weight issue. When you visit a certified bariatric physician, he or she has the training and the tools to get to the bottom of your weight loss by treating it with a medical approach.


Boca Health is for those who have not found success with “traditional” approaches to weight loss, like cutting portions or working out more. While some people can lose weight by limiting junk food, others can’t –no matter how much they try.
If your weight has been a chronic issue for you, you may have an underlying medical problem. What makes Boca Health unique? We identify and treat the medical problem that’s causing your extra weight. The result is up to a half a pound of weight loss per day which stays off even when you finish the program.