Boca Health


Medical Approach to Weight Loss

Our team of highly trained bariatric specialists is certified in metabolism and weight loss and uses the medical test and their expert knowledge to help formulate a customized weight loss program. Unlike most other approaches out there, our physicians treat your weight as a medical problem, taking into account present and past medical history, allowing you to lose weight in the healthiest and most efficient way possible.

Your first visit to Boca Health starts with a physical exam and personal consultation with one of our medical weight loss physicians.


Blood chemistry analysis

Understanding that all patients have unique barriers to their weight loss, our doctors will order full blood work to be done.  Our physicians will then evaluate the blood work, and after a thorough review, diagnose and treat any issues found. Blood work is absolutely necessary, as metabolic problems can only be detected through blood tests.

By medically treating the underlying issues discovered in your blood work, we are able to get your body back into a state where it’s finally ready to lose the weight.

Personalized Treatment

No matter what roadblocks you’ve had in the past: low functioning thyroid, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, or excessive appetite; we have the medical treatment to help you.  There is no roadblock that should ever keep you from obtaining the weight level you desire.

So many weight loss clinics our there tend to generalize their treatment, our physicians tailor our treatments based on your unique medical conditions.  We treat and resolve what’s been keeping you from successful long-term weight loss.



... as in all successful weight loss programs, we advocate cutting calories through healthy eating, to jump-start weight loss. Cutting calories is important, but avoiding fatigue, headaches, hunger, and loss of lean body mass is just as important.  We recognize that all calories are not created equal. Some calories are converted to fat, while others are converted to muscle.