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Insulin resistance has gotten a lot of attention in the news recently; as it is tied to its closely related cousin, type 2 diabetes. However, it’s important to note that insulin resistance and diabetes are not the same condition, and are treated quite differently.

Insulin resistance is now understood to be a major roadblock to lasting weight loss results. That’s why the team at Boca Health focuses on insulin resistance and aggressively treats it with medical interventions. We know that until insulin resistance is properly treated, lasting weight loss is impossible.


Why is Insulin Resistance Important?

Insulin resistance causes a number of detrimental effects on the body. Even before insulin resistance results in diabetes, issues like excessive appetite, cell damage, heart disease, and an inability to achieve long-term weight loss set in.


What Causes Insulin Resistance?

There’s no single factor that “causes” insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a combination of lifestyle factors, genetics, and the internal metabolic environment.
Here are the major contributors to insulin resistance:

Body Composition: Scientists now know that having significant amounts of body fat greatly contributes towards insulin resistance. Inflammation produced by fat cells directly interferes with insulin’s job as a “key”.

Waist Circumference: It’s thought that body fat stored in the waist, known as waist circumference (belly fat), is more detrimental to insulin sensitivity. That’s why a large waist circumference is strongly correlated with insulin resistance and diabetes.

Diet: Although many eschew a high fat diet in favor of carbohydrates, most experts now feel that a high carbohydrate intake is detrimental to insulin resistance. A consistently heavy intake of carbs forces your body to pump out great amounts of insulin - desensitizing your cells to the action of insulin.


What Does Insulin Resistance Do to My Weight?

Even though being overweight contributes to insulin resistance, insulin resistance also makes people overweight.
In fact, for many “yo-yo” dieters, the reason that their weight won’t stay off is because they are severely insulin resistant. It’s a catch 22: you can’t lose weight because of your insulin resistant and you can’t get rid of insulin resistance unless you lose weight.

However, there is a way to break insulin resistance for good. Once your body’s insulin metabolism is normalized, your body’s metabolism will quickly shift to a new, permanent, healthy weight.


Break Insulin Resistance’s Hold On Your Weight

The medical weight loss doctors at Boca Health know that until insulin resistance is broken, permanent weight loss is impossible. That’s why we incorporate a number of cutting-edge medical treatments that effectively treat insulin resistance.  Contact our medical weight loss center for a consultation.


Insulin is a hormone your body makes to help you utilize and store the energy that you take in. In particular, insulin helps glucose (blood sugar) enters cells. In this way, insulin can be thought of as the “key” that opens the cell’s door to let glucose inside. If this process is functioning normally, all is well regarding body weight and metabolism.

However, many people find themselves with significant insulin resistance.